Know who is responsible and if your insurance has you covered if someone is involved in an accident while borrowing your car.

It is a nice gesture for you to let someone borrow your car to get to where they need to go in Illinois, but what happens if that person gets into an accident while driving your vehicle? Before you hand someone else the keys your car, learn whether that person is covered by your insurance and if you are responsible in the event she or he is involved in an accident.

The driver is at-fault

If the driver is held responsible for an accident, it is your vehicle's policy that covers any incurred damage. That being said, you and the person you let borrow your car will have to decide how to take care of the deductible before any repairs can be made to your vehicle, and that is if there is enough damage to justify making an insurance claim in the first place.

The person borrowing your car should be responsible

While there is no guarantee the person borrowing your car will not be involved in an accident or receive a ticket, you can cut your losses by only lending your vehicle out to people you trust. Be sure the other driver is a responsible one who follows the rules of the road, has a clean driving record and possess a valid license. It is even better if the other person has current insurance or her or his own.

Increased insurance rates

Because insurance premiums are based on the policyholder's overall level of risk, there is a good chance your insurance rates will go up if someone has an accident while driving your vehicle, and that is especially true if the person who borrowed your car is deemed responsible for the accident. This is another reason to only lend your vehicle to people you know and trust.

Using car-sharing apps

With car-sharing apps, you allow others use of your vehicle, which could turn back on you. Under such circumstances, your insurance provider will not cover any accidents incurred while you lend out your vehicle. The good news is the fact that the creators of such apps commonly cover you with their own policies, but only up to a certain amount. Be sure you are aware of those insurance caps as well as what is and what is not covered before you enroll in a program.

No matter if it is you or someone else behind the wheel while driving in Illinois, you cannot predict auto accidents and the injuries that can result. Consulting with a lawyer is a good way to make yourself aware of your legal options and rights and receive any financial compensation to which you might be entitled.