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Massive wreck in Illinois involves 11 vehicles, 3 killed

An Illinois driver who allegedly ran through a red light started a multi-vehicle accident in Oak Lawn on Oct. 5, and recent toxicology testing has revealed that the 81-year-old Illinois man was intoxicated when the fatal crash occurred.


Are insured Illinois drivers covered when lending their vehicles?

Know who is responsible and if your insurance has you covered if someone is involved in an accident while borrowing your car.


Epidemic of illegal street racing

Illegal street racing has become more frequent in Illinois and around the country. Fatalities and injuries from racing on highways and other public streets have risen in recent years. Being caught just watching an illegal street race can be considered aiding and abetting this dangerous activity.


Which color car crashes the most?

A ton of factors contribute to car accidents, such as speed, driver inexperience, drug and alcohol use, distraction and aggressive driving. One that you may not have considered before, though, is the color of the car itself.


What are the most common causes of serious car crashes in Illinois?

In Illinois, intoxication, distraction and speeding rank among top causes of serious car accidents, which have been on the rise over the past few years.


Key stats about how much we use our cars

Car accident risk is something that increases with the more time you spend on the road. While there's something to be said for gaining experience and becoming a safer driver, you can't always count on other drivers.


4 elements of negligence in a car accident

Another driver causes a car accident. You head to the hospital with serious injuries. While you know that driver didn't cause the accident on purpose, you still feel like it was 100% their fault.


How To Drive In The Snow

Winter storms have already hammered much of the country this year, and we're not even to Christmas yet. As such, it's time to take a look at some safe driving practices in the snow. Knowing what to do can save your life and the lives of others.