Making major purchases is nerve wracking and difficult at the best of times. When you are ready to purchase your first home, an upgraded home, or even a commercial property, this is one of the biggest investments of your life. Many people find a real estate broker that they trust and begin the process; but is it enough? Have you considered a real estate attorney in Wheaton, IL?

So why would you hire a real estate attorney in Wheaton, IL? Attorneys are expensive, and do you really need an attorney if you have a broker you trust? When purchasing a home, land, or a commercial property, there are many questions that arise. Some of them will be best answered by your broker, and others should be answered by a credible attorney. When looking for property, your broker will show you a variety of places and can answer many questions about the land, the home, the community, and the process of purchasing the estate. They can help with negotiating the price and timelines and will provide valuable information; however, they are not allowed to answer any legal questions.

What legal concerns might you expect to encounter?

Real estate attorneys have a role to protect you during your purchase. Real Estate Brokers are often commission-based, and this can create a bias—and not one that is in your favor. Most brokers will do what is needed to complete the sale. An attorney is hired by you to protect your interests, and they understand the complexity of the real estate transaction.

Real estate attorneys in Wheaton, IL can ensure that the title has no liens, and they can assist with financial concerns. They can ensure you are protected when it comes to concerns regarding structural damage and building permits, and they can advise you if your home or property is in an area of adherent weather or if there are concerns with rental issues. These are just a few reasons that a buyer would seek legal advice.

If you are selling your property, you may also want the advice of a real estate attorney for such reasons as: selling with an unwilling partner, selling the property of someone deceased, selling when there are physical concerns about the home, or selling when there are judgements or liens on the property.

Why do you need both?

There are many steps during the buying process, and hiring a real estate attorney alongside your broker, during the early stages of the buying process, can help prevent further complications during the transaction. Your broker may not understand all the real-estate laws (nor should they), or they may be forbidden from answering legal questions. Attorneys in Wheaton IL, such as M and B Law, have the experience to provide their clients with comprehensive real estate services, from the negotiation and drafting of real estate contracts to the closing and post-closing representation.

You need a real estate broker to help find your dream home or investment property, but you also need a attorney who is specialized in real estate law to help ensure that you and your property investment are secure. Whether this is your first home or you are a seasoned investor or purchasing a commercial property, hiring a real estate attorney is your best way to safeguard your investment and your interest every step of the way.

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