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Do not swerve for wildlife in the road

You're driving along through Illinois, the cruise control on, going 55 MPH. Suddenly, a deer runs out of the trees and into your lane. You have to decide, in almost no time at all, if you're going to hit it or try to swerve around it.


New law makes it easier to expunge juvenile records

Most people would agree that the mistakes somebody makes as a child shouldn't keep them from going to college, getting a job, or finding a place to live. However, until recently, Illinois' inefficient expungement system and poor confidentiality laws meant that people with juvenile arrest and criminal records were often held back because of those past mistakes.


4 tips for choosing a personal injury lawyer

Whether people are driving to a job in the Chicago area, shopping at a mall or are just using a commercial product, they can become injured due to the actions of another party. A drunk driver, a store owner who failed to warn of a slippery surface or a company that sold a faulty design could be found responsible for the victim's medical bills, lost wages and other damages.


Choosing a reliable daycare for your children

Many parents in Illinois live busy lives and are not able to constantly watch and take care of their children. For quite a few people, daycare centers are an important part of their being able to manage time in order to support their families.