Motorcycles are one of the great classic ways to ply the roads of America, with the convenience of a smaller and more efficient vehicle as well as the thrill of speed. Illinois, with its population centers and massive road system, plays host to thousands of resident bikers and many more visitors who prefer to see the gateway to the Midwest from behind handlebars.

There are many risks to motorcycle drivers and passengers on the road, and all of them can be mitigated although none can be fully eliminated. Multi-lane roads, such as high-traffic state highways and limited-access roads such as interstates, pose the danger of a bike getting swiped or hit from the side during a lane change. Darkness, dawn and dusk almost make bikes harder to see.

A recent nighttime collision in Crystal Lake killed a local motorcyclist when a sport utility vehicle struck his bike during a left turn. Turns, especially at night, pose serious risk to motorcycles and bicycles because cars and trucks enter areas where their headlights cannot make hazards visible.

The 17-year-old driver of the sport utility vehicle waited for responders, who provided aid to the 63-year-old victim on the scene. He was unfortunately pronounced dead after being transported to a local hospital.

Attorneys are among the professionals most likely to help the victim or relative of victim of a motorcycle collision that caused property damage, injury, disability or death. Legal representation can help victims weigh their options for settlements, court actions and other ways to seek damages against responsible parties.

Source: Northwest Herald, "Crystal Lake man killed in motorcycle crash with 17-year-old SUV driver," Lindsay Gloor, Sep. 26, 2017