Car accidents happen all the time, and most are fortunately small incidents like fender benders that cause minimal damage and no injuries. Most serious crashes are avoidable with careful attention paid to the road and other drivers.

The importance of avoiding the use of cellphones and electronic devices cannot be understated to maintain safety, and Illinois law regulates distracted driving to this end. One of the most serious offenses on the road is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which can combine high-speed driving with the inability to make good decisions.

A woman involved in a fatal crash in Godfrey has been described as "at fault" in court documents may have been intoxicated by alcohol during the accident. An Illinois State Police trooper who responded to the crash reported smelling alcohol on the woman's breath and finding an open beer can in her car.

A witness to the accident told police that the woman made a U-turn on Illinois State Route 255 and headed the wrong direction on the road. A man driving a car towards the woman collided head-on with her car and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Another man was injured when his vehicle rear-ended the vehicle the man killed in the accident was driving. Both survivors were transported by air to local hospitals for care. The woman has not yet been charged as the crash remains under Illinois State Police investigation.

The victims of drunk driving accidents have the right under Illinois law to seek financial damages for medical expenses or lost wages during recovery.

Survivors of fatalities may also pursue settlements or civil court verdicts on behalf of those killed by drunk drivers. An attorney may help victims and their families assess their options and file the appropriate documents.

Source: The Alton Telegraph, "Documents: ‘At fault driver’ in fatal crash on Illinois 255 had beer can in car," Sanford J. Schmidt, Jan. 26, 2018