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Motor vehicle accidents are common. However, when a careless driver causes an accident which results in injuries to you or someone you love, it feels anything but ordinary. Medical bills, lost wages and insurance headaches demand your attention, in addition to your physical injuries and property damage. In this situation, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to aggressively pursue compensation for your losses.

At Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., we help accident victims in Wheaton and throughout DuPage County hold negligent motorists accountable and recover the compensation they deserve. The time following a car or truck accident is stressful. That is why we promise to handle all the legal details of your case, leaving you to concentrate on healing.

We Will Handle The Insurance Companies While You Focus On Healing

As your legal team, our goal is to maximize your recovery. When we deal with the insurance companies on your behalf, we will ensure any proposed settlement takes into account the extent of your injuries, including any lingering injuries which may require future medical treatment, and property damage. If the negligent driver was an uninsured or underinsured motorist, we will pursue benefits through your own insurer.


Experienced Illinois Car Accident Lawyers

We handle motor vehicle accident cases, including:

  • Car collisions
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • DUI accidents

Whether you sustained a soft tissue or head injury or someone you love suffered a wrongful death resulting from an accident, we will work hard to prove the other driver's negligence. We will consult with private investigators, accident reconstructionists and police officers to prove liability and document your injuries.

Skilled Wheaton Attorneys On Your Side After A Car Accident

A careless and negligent driver can change your life in a split second. Car accidents can lead to severe injuries and sometimes the tragic death of loved ones. In addition to emotional turmoil, accident victims are dealing with a damaged car, medical bills and lost wages. Insurance adjusters are less than cooperative as they aggressively pursue a fast settlement.

In the hours and days following a car accident, you need experienced legal counsel speaking on your behalf and handling all aspects of your personal injury claim. The personal injury lawyers at Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., dedicate their time and resources to pursuing the best outcome and maximizing the compensation you are entitled to.

Aggressive Representation You Can Count On

We focus on your auto accident claim while you attend to medical and other personal needs. From soft tissue injuries to traumatic brain damage and wrongful death, we work diligently to prove negligence and hold the responsible party accountable. We team with private investigators, accident reconstructionists and police officers to show liability and document all your injuries.


On your behalf, we also deal with insurance companies. Any proposed settlement addresses the extent of your injuries both now and in the future, and property damage. Challenges arise when the responsible party is uninsured or underinsured. However, we are skilled in pursuing benefits through our injured client's insurer.

Wheaton Truck Accident Lawyer

Legal Representation When You Need It

The sheer force of a tractor-trailer colliding with a car often results in serious and sometimes fatal injuries to the occupant of the automobile. Medical bills and lost wages are only the start of your stress. You may be facing an uncertain future from serious injuries or the death of a loved one and primary wage earner.

Insurance adjusters want to minimize the impact of the catastrophic physical damage and related compensation following any motor vehicle accident. At Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., our job is to maximize the damages based on the true extent of your losses.

Injured In A Semi Truck Accident In DuPage County? Our Attorneys Will Fight For Your Rights.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has established regulations and requirements that govern the trucking industry. The DOT specifies safety, insurance coverage, driver qualifications, vehicle operation, and vehicle inspection, repair and maintenance.


Violating any or all of these regulations creates hazards on Illinois highways. A sleep-deprived or impaired truck driver puts all fellow drivers in danger. An overloaded or poorly maintained truck could lead to a catastrophic collision that results in serious injury or death. No matter the factor that led to the accident, schedule a free consultation at our firm.

The stakes are high in a truck accident claim. Trucking companies have large policies with insurance companies staffed by adjusters who aggressively pursue fast settlements. They also have experts on-site quickly to do their due diligence in building a strong defense. Handling it on your own puts the odds against you. Retaining an experienced attorney at our firm helps you even those odds.

Wheaton Lawyers For DUI Accident Victims

Even when a drunk driver is clearly to blame for a serious car accident, victims may still find it difficult to obtain the full and fair compensation they deserve.

If you have been harmed by a drunk driver in Illinois, the personal injury attorneys at Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., can help. We represent DUI accident victims in Wheaton and throughout DuPage County. Our experienced trial attorneys know how to build strong cases that maximize compensation for injuries resulting from drunk driving accidents.

For a free initial consultation to discuss your case, contact our office in Wheaton today.

DUI Crashes And Insurance Companies

An important thing to remember about insurance companies is that typically their main concern is to make a profit — not necessarily to pay full and fair compensation to accident victims.

In some cases, a drunk driver's insurance company will even try to shift blame for the accident onto the victim.


With strong legal representation from the start of your claim, you can feel certain that your interests are being protected. Our skilled personal injury lawyers can build a strong case on your behalf to help ensure that you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to. We handle the insurance company while you focus on healing.

If you lost a loved one due to a drunk driver's negligent or reckless actions, we can help you obtain financial compensation through a wrongful death claim. Such compensation can cover costs ranging from medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost income and damages for loss of companionship.

DuPage County Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Helping You Get The Compensation You Need And Deserve

Motorcyclists have the same rights to the road as other drivers in Illinois. Unfortunately, when a motorcycle is in an accident, riders and their passengers frequently suffer serious or catastrophic personal injuries. Drivers of cars and trucks often fail to see motorcycles, misjudge the distance of an approaching bike or are otherwise inattentive in causing an accident.

Motorcycle accident victims who are struggling to recover often face difficulties in dealing with insurance companies. We all want to rely on insurance during our time of need. However, the insurance providers are in business to make a profit. They often drag their feet in paying claims, deny a claim altogether or find other ways to pay as little as possible. Their goal is often to protect their bottom line — at the expense of accident victims who need medical attention to recover.

For these reasons, the personal injury law firm of Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., in DuPage County works tirelessly to level the playing field against the power of the insurance industry. To arrange a no-obligation consultation to see what we can do for you, call us locally at 630-871-1100 or toll free at 888-349-0695.

Experienced And Knowledgeable Lawyers For Motorcycle Injury Victims

Our attorneys hold negligent motorists accountable when their carelessness leads to catastrophic injuries to our clients. From soft tissue damage to life-changing spinal cord injuries, we work hard on their behalf. We combine our experience with the expertise of private investigators, accident reconstructionists and police officers. Their insight helps us build strong, fact-based personal injury claims.

Your focus should be on healing and recovery. Our focus is on maximizing your compensation based on your immediate and long-term medical needs. Speaking to an insurance adjuster or handling a claim on your own denies you the damages you deserve and compromises your rights.


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William Belmonte and his team was a beacon of hope to me and my family during a time when my options seemed limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. I was facing serious consequences, which Mr. Belmonte was able to bring from a maximum sentence to a minimum, and help get my life back in order. In addition, his calm, honest, and upfront demeanor offered emotional support to myself and for those I care for most. My family and I are eternally grateful for Mr. Belmonte service and I highly recommend his law firm.

– S.B.

Illinois Personal Injury Lawyers Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Motor Vehicle Collisions

What to do after a Car Accident in Illinois

If you've been in a vehicle accident in Wheaton, Illinois, or anywhere else in DuPage County, Illinois, this article will walk you through steps you need to take to protect your rights to full and fair compensation for the damages you have suffered.

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Think Safety First

The most essential concerns in an auto accident are aiding those who have been hurt, preventing further harm and additional accidents, and making sure that everyone involved is protected.

Assess yourself and those in your vehicle for physical harm after an accident. If someone is hurt, call 9-1-1. Then consider your environment to see if anything needs to be done differently. The most important thing you can do following an accident is assess the situation and assess the risks involved.

If the vehicles involved in the collision are still mobile, they should be moved off the road only after the police have been called and are able to assess the accident.  AT that point, they will have you move the vehicles if needed to prevent additional wrecks. Flashers and warning triangles/flares should be used if the vehicles are stationary.

When you're getting ready to get out of your car, consider traffic density and speed. Secondary accidents happen frequently on major roads, especially when there is a lot of traffic and people.


Call the Police

In Illinois, virtually all vehicle accidents must be reported to the police. Unless there was no injury and less than $1,500 in damage, the police must be contacted. By contacting the authorities, you avoid criminal responsibility for failing to report a collision and preserve vital information.


Things to keep in mind while speaking with the Police after an Illinois Car Accident.

Yes, you should talk with the reporting officer after your accident, but make sure you have your faculties when speaking to the officer.  Such information such as speed, color of light, location of vehicles and position of your car upon contact are very important.

If you cannot provide a confident answer, please do not speculate, or guess on these points.

Try to give concise answers to the officer. Please let him know if you are experiencing any pain as that point.  If you do not feel well, the officer will call for an ambulance to provide you with any care you need at that point.

Do Not Make Admissions

In the heat of the moment, those who are involved in accidents frequently apologize or seek to assign blame. It's critical not to take responsibility for an accident after it happens because such admissions can be used against you in court. After the accident, you will be contacted by the other party's insurance carrier. You do not have to make a statement to the other insurance carrier.  Please avoid making statements and refer them to the accident report.  No matter how courteous they seem, the other driver's insurance company is attempting to persuade you to make damaging admissions or accept a low settlement sum for your claim. You as part of your own insurance policy, must cooperate with your own insurance carrier.

Gather Information

After a car accident, you must gather information for both your insurance company and your lawyer. Be polite and don't make accusations or escalate the issue when gathering information.
  • If you have a camera, take photos of the cars and scene (remember to keep safety in mind);
  • Take photos of your injuries, if any;
  • Take down the following information of all people involved:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Drivers’ license number
  • Insurance company name and policy number
  • Make and model of car
  • VIN #(you can see this on the dash looking through the windshield)
  • License plate number
  • Get a copy of the accident report if possible;
  • If the report isn’t available get the following information:
  • Officer’s name
  • Badge number
  • Reporting agency
  • Report number
  • Get the name address and phone number of any witnesses

Contact Your Insurer

If you have not already spoken to your insurer, you should contact them as soon as possible to report the accident. Most insurance policies require a timely notice of claims and cooperation from the insured.

Talk With an Attorney

When you’ve been injured in a vehicle accident, contact a lawyer as soon as possible. You need representation by an experienced attorney to receive the compensation you deserve. To discuss your case, contact Marquart and Belmonte today at 630-871-1100

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