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If you are facing serious charges of theft, take immediate action and contact Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C. Our attorneys combine 115 years of criminal defense experience with tenures as former DuPage County prosecutors. The criminal system is complex and nothing to face without the help of a seasoned lawyer who possesses unique insight into the opposing side.

The severity of a theft condition is based on the value of the amount or property stolen. Theft at a place of worship, school or government property sometimes leads to felony charges. A misdemeanor charge could result to jail time and significant fines. Add to that the long-term consequences of a criminal record with a theft conviction. Securing future employment, applying for schooling or pursuing a professional license becomes difficult, if not out of reach.


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At Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., we encourage our clients to assert their rights when dealing with police officers and investigators. Talking to authorities about a theft or shoplifting charge only compromises your case. Immediately following an arrest, you need a legal advocate to protect your rights and speak on your behalf.

In pursuing the best outcome, we take a fact-based approach to your theft case. Whether we seek dismissal of charges, negotiate a plea bargain or pursue a trial, we have your best interests in mind from the moment you retain an attorney at our firm.


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Shoplifting is also known as retail theft with an emphasis on "theft." The criminal charge is not minor and a conviction can have long-term consequences. Professional and educational pursuits become difficult, if not impossible. Hiring an attorney is critical and should be the first step following an arrest. Speaking to anyone about the criminal allegations compromises both your case and your rights.

Regardless of the severity of the retail theft or shoplifting crime, the attorneys at Marquardt & Belmonte, P.C., look out for your best interests and aggressively protect your rights. In addition to 115 years of combined experience as criminal defense attorneys, all six members of our legal team once served as DuPage County prosecutors.


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Being detained by a store employee or security guard is far different from being held by the police. Retail staff members do not have to read you your rights. In fact, their goal is to have you confess in writing in an effort to supposedly avoid police involvement. While fear sets in, you do not have to give in to their demands or speak to them without an attorney.

So-called shoplifting often results from someone leaving an item in a shopping cart or their pocket with the intention of buying it prior to leaving the store. These types of oversights could lead to a prosecutor charging misdemeanor or — if the item is over $150 — felony charges.

Jail time and fines for a shoplifting or any other type of theft conviction is only the start. A criminal record will follow you while you apply for jobs or professional licensure. Do not take matters in your own hands and try to resolve the case. Do not put such an important legal matter in the hands of a lesser-experienced lawyer quick to plea bargain.


William Belmonte and his team was a beacon of hope to me and my family during a time when my options seemed limited and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed impossible. I was facing serious consequences, which Mr. Belmonte was able to bring from a maximum sentence to a minimum, and help get my life back in order. In addition, his calm, honest, and upfront demeanor offered emotional support to myself and for those I care for most. My family and I are eternally grateful for Mr. Belmonte service and I highly recommend his law firm.

– S.B.

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